The Pateras family originates from Oinousses, a small island situated in the northeastern Aegean. Ďver the past century and a half, many family members established various independent shipping groups which have played an active and prominent role in the shipping industry.

The sailing vessel "VASSILIKI" owned by the Pateras family (1906)
Ioannis Pateras (1770-1840) was the head of the family. His son Michael (1800-1870) had three sons, Kostantis, Dimitris and Markos (1832-1912). Markos, had seven sons and served as a captain on board the family’s sailing ships. Two of his sons, Ioannis (1858-1930) and Diamantis, also became captains and served on board the family’s ships. The latter, lost his life heroically whilst saving his entire crew when the family owned sailing ship "RODON" foundered in 1915.
Basil, George and Nikolas (1890-1953), sons of Ioannis, led the way into the steamship era, through the acquisitions of the "KOSTIS" in 1925 and the "DIRPHYS" in 1937 which was sunk by enemy forces
during WW II.

The first steamship of the family, "KOSTIS" (1925)

The Liberty cargo ship "DIRPHYS", acquired by the family after WW II (1947)
In 1947, the three brothers acquired a Liberty cargo ship, which was also named "DIRPHYS", and laid the foundations for the re-establishment of the family’s presence in ocean-going shipping after WW II.

The cargo ship "ARIS", owned by the brothers John & Diamantis N. Pateras (1970)
In 1953, after Nikolas passed away, his sons John (1931-2000) and Diamantis (1933-2009), established Pateras Brothers Ltd. which, from 1957 to 1986, acquired and managed a total of 30 dry cargo ships.
In 1986, the son of Diamantis, Nikolas D. Pateras (b. 1963) joined Pateras Brothers Limited after completing his education in England and in 1992 took over the management of the company and the fleet. In 1994, Pacific & Atlantic Shipmanagers was established. In the following years the company has been actively involved in the management of over 100 ocean-going ships transporting millions of tons of cargo worldwide. The company created thousands of employment positions and contributed with much needed foreign exchange income to the Greek economy. Until 2007 it was the 3rd largest shipmanagement company in Greece with a fleet of 50 ships, employing 1,500 seafarers as well as 120 shore based office personnel.

The handysize bulker "ARCHONDAS" owned by N. D. Pateras (1998)

The geard panamax bulker "OINOUSSIOS" (2007)
The relocation of the company’s offices to its new headquarters in the centre of Athens at 2003, was an
important milestone in its history. It marked the start of a new era and was highlighted by a large scale
renewal of its managed fleet. The Company also upgraded the services it provided to its clients, by harmonizing its management and operations to meet the rapidly increasing challenges in the shipping and transportation industry.

Maritsa N. Pateras, John N. Pateras, Nikolas J. Pateras, Diamantis N. Pateras (1948)

Captains John & Diamantis Pateras in command of a family vessel (1955)
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