The wish to promote and support the social, cultural and maritime heritage of my homeland as well as the desire to assist youngsters and fellow citizens who have endured hardship, led to my decision to establish the public benefit Foundation "NIKOLAS D. PATERAS" in order to undertake and carry out its mission effectively and systematically.

My intention is to support the Foundation financially to the best of my ability and to further its means in order to achieve its mission, enhancing its effectiveness in serving the numerous social needs, in education, culture and public benefit in general.

I am certain that the Foundation "NIKOLAS D. PATERAS" will succeed in achieving all its objectives for the benefit of the youth, the seafarers and
fellow Greek citizens who have endured hardship. Its efforts will be aimed at establishing and promoting the synergy and contribution of individuals and institutions that share mutual objectives and are renowned for their sensitivity and solidarity.
Nikolas Diamantis Pateras
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